A wee boy!

On Monday 12 March 2012 at 5.27pm, our gorgeous wee son, E. J. Renaud was born weighing 4.16 kg (9 lbs 2.5 oz). The birth was rather straightforward and the mummy is very well. The big sister is very happy to have a little brother to take care of and the grandparents are delighted. Here are a few photos (more in the gallery):

dscn0266 dscn0260

dscn0258 dscn0268

We would like to thank all the staff at Raigmore Hospital.

Two very proud parents and a happy big sister. xxx

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Summer visitors … and a cuddly rabbit

We have been lucky this Summer as friends and family braves the Scottish “Summer” to visit us.

Our friends from Italy Becky, Alex and their two sons came first and spent a few days with us in early July. The weather was not too bad although not really warm. We went to the beach in Rosemarkie, dolphin spotting on the Moray Firth (a very exciting boat trip!) and playing in the forest in Abriachan. Here are a few photos and there are more in the gallery.

DSC07437.JPG DSC07445.JPG

DSC07448.JPG DSC07449.JPG

Because the youngest visitor (roughly same age as A.) was walking very well, A. decided that she should try to walk more too and got a bit braver. She improved very quickly in July and August and she’s running around now.

At the end of July Jenny’s parent spent an extended week-end with us. Again we had good weather . Nanny and Grandpa took A. to the park a few times (they had great fun on the swings themselves!), we went for a walk in Strathpeffer and dug out lots of potatoes from the veggie patch.

DSC07472.JPG DSC07475.JPG


In early August we went to the Black Isle Wildlife Park. For the first time A. met poneys, goats, geese, howls, peacocks, deers, meerkats and lemurs for real. Apparently they’re even better than in books. She had a great time and even became friend with a nice rabbit, see below. More photos in the gallery.

DSC07501.JPG DSC07509.JPG

DSC07518.JPG DSC07522.JPG

Finally JP’s parents came in mid-August and spent a week with us entertaining their granddaughter (park, walks, books, games). They also helped a lot in the garden and JP and his dad also sorted out a massive pile of wood for the stove this winter. During their visit, A. went to the swimming pool for the first time. She was not convinced to start with but now she loves it although she’s not convinced getting her head wet is such a good idea yet.

DSC07547.JPG DSC07544.JPG DSC07563.JPG




There are more photos of Papi and Mamie’s visit  in the gallery.

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First steps

A. is growing up quickly. Today walking, tomorrow?

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Northumberland 2011

In early June 2011, we spent some days in Northumberland with Jenny’s parents. Jenny had found a superb cottage, located between Wooler and Belford and with beautiful views of the rolling hills characteristics of the region. The cottage also had a very large outdoor space as the weather was very good, we spent a lot of time outside.

DSC07273.JPG DSC07281.JPG

It was a poppet’s first holiday with her grandparents and we did lots of activities. We went walking to Holy Island to practise walking with Mummy and nanny, we went off-road push-chairing at Cragside.

DSC07272.JPG DSC07293.JPG

We went to the beach in Bamburgh, discovered waves and sand … and obviously learnt how to build sand castles. JP gave all of us a geology lesson at Bamburgh Castle.

DSC07326.JPG DSC07340.JPG

We played a lot at home too. The poppet was on fine form and entertained everybody and still managed to keep her parents awake at night a few times…

DSC07354.JPG DSC07279.JPG

We all went for a long walk up and round the “slightly bigger hill” west of Wooler. It’s amazing how far a Mountain Buggy pushchair can go…

DSC07359.JPG DSC07357.JPG

Grand’ Pa even let A. drive his classic car!

DSC07316.JPG DSC07317.JPG

That’s it. More photos in the gallery as usual.

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